Are so many generic sports bars where you walk in and they

It’s the game that combines fantasy with reality and it has many people feeling nostalgic many people at FOX10 News included.”It kind of brings me back to my childhood, said 24 year old Marcus Houtcager, one of many players we found downtown. Cool thing about it is you get to go to the park, you’re out, you’re walking to get you out of your house.”Here’s how it works: the goal is to catch them all 150 different Pokemon that could be hiding anywhere. The GPS on your smartphone shows a map of your location while you walk around trying to find where the creatures are hiding.

With a simple Pittsburgh City of Champions flag waving outside, this Wilton Manors pub will make any Steelers fan feel at home. Serving the Pittsburgh classic Iron City beer, it also serves free Jell O shots every time the Steelers score. Management jokes that the Jell O shots should really be black and yellow, but those flavors don’t taste very good.

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